About Bakery

In 1989 a dutch family decided to share their sense of loveliness by establishing a small bakery on the banks of the Amstel River. They started with the traditional local bread and have grown into one of the most popular bakeries in the region. Alain Smith was the founder of the bakery. He named his bakery after his daughter Rebecca. For now his daughter Becky and two granddaughters Jessica and Mary are running the family business with care and love. Backy is famous for its natural ingredients and special taste.

everything starts from the dough!

Quality of ingredients is the most important factor in a flavorful crust. Proofing the dough allows it to rise properly, ensuring that you have the correct texture to impart the desired flavor.

where lies the secret?

The dough is not enough. We are always interested to find the newest ingredients: the most unique herbs, fruits, liquors and grain combinated with the popular flavors. So the result is our delicious pastry.


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